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Russian federal news agencies distribute stories about European environmentalists opposing American LNG. The recent one is based on the Spanish la Sexta coverage of the arrival of the US gas to the Mugardos terminal. The opposition is concerned about fracking and the risks of LNG explosion. Note that the risk issue is raised after nearly nine years of safe operations.

It is worth noting that Gazprom uses hydraulic fracking at its super-giant gas fields of Urengoy and Yamburg, as well as at smaller reservoirs.

If or when the European environmentalists learn about the "impurity" of Gazprom, they may launch a campaign against Russian gas. Actually, a real "green" believes all fossil fuels are impure.

Therefore, Russian official media should publish more stories explaining the benefits of LNG and fracking. Otherwise, the media may convert "useful idiots" of Gazprom into dangerous ones.


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25 июл, 2016 14:25 (UTC)
А еще экологи и "зеленые" обеспокоены количеством углекислого газа и метана выделяемого крупным рогатым скотом при отрыжке, что сильно вредит мировой экологии.
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